Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rules for Rulers

Kathy recently attended a workshop with Marti Michell, notable for many things quilty but most famously for being the first person to put the concept of rotary cutters and perspex rulers together. Since she made this great discovery, Marti has over the years developed her own range of perspex rulers of every shape and size for just about every quilt block you can imagine. Kath found her workshop very inspiring and informative, expecially because Kath herself is a big user of all rulers great and small. We stock both a range of Marti's rulers and some Creative Grids rulers in the shop, and we absolutely swear by the method for quickly getting amazingly accurate triangles, diamonds etc by rotary. Shown above are Creative Grids half square triangle ruler, 60 degree triangle ruler, and below a few of our kits and patterns made using rulers, from half square to 60 degree to kaleidoscope. Look out for information about Kathy's new workshops on using rulers in the coming weeks.