Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Material ObsessionI come from a land of winters full of snow, ice, pink noses... and central heating. Winter in Sydney is mild in comparison but I have never gotten used to being the same temperature in the shower as I am outside. I hibernate all winter and quilt to stay warm under one project after another.
So...when the first signs of spring literally burst overnight it is always a thrill that can't go without a celebration. The earth parties in it's own way as evidenced by the snowbells and daffodils someone planted in our grass a long time ago. They pop up and declare that the time of the warming breeze is delightfully near. I finished a pinwheel quilt in 1930's graphics and floral prints this weekend. It signals the approach of the bluest skies as a backdrop for the pinkest pinks, lavenders and yellows of September.
We got acrylic templates for this fun wagon wheel pattern made which are available for $15 at the shop. It is a super fun project with a touch of hand applique and much easier than it looks. The borders are vintage Sanderson, a gift from my friend Kathy who was visiting from the States a few years back. I have been lovingly saving it for just the right moment and this is it...and so was the skirt I made with it and the bag....still more to come.
So, take a deep breath and enjoy the freshness! kathy