Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Surprise Package

Yesterday morning, the postman banged on the door very early, with a package. Inside was a quilt Sarah bought from the US about two months ago, for $9.95. The description of the quilt was of a "vintage" (read, 1970's!!) silk (read "rayon"!!) quilt, in good condition (again, taken with a grain of salt), possibly lined with another quilt. That possibly was enough for Sarah to shell out her $9.95 and have the quilt shipped to Sydney, in the hope that what was inside was the gold.
Shown below is the quilt as it arrived, very '60's or '70's, not that there's anything wrong with that.

The top was hand pieced with large stitches, and then sewn down onto a green surround, which was put over the inner quilt like a bag. The lining of the quilt was a little ripped, and when Sarah took it back further and saw this, she knew she had spent her $9.95 wisely.

Closer inspection and a few hours of careful unpicking later, Sarah uncovered a Nosegay quilt, hand pieced and hand quilted, which contains lots of lovely feedsack fabic and looks to be about circa 1920's or 30's. The quilt is a little worse for wear, but hey, so would you be if you had spent the last 40 years encased in a rayon sack.

And another surprise - Sarah's husband, bedridden at present due to a back operation. He's usually the driving force behind the blog (ie, forces us to write the blog!!), but this time he's managed a look in. Revenge for the purple fluffy slipper pic he posted a month ago.

Look out for the pattern for this lovely surprise in coming months. Now Sarah's uncovered this little beauty, it seems fitting that it makes a comeback in the form of a Material Obsession "Vintage" pattern. Keep on quilting!