Friday, May 05, 2006

Perle, not Pearl!

Thinking, thinking... slow news day here at Material Obsession, how about we remind you all about our love of Perle quilting. What's Perle quilting you say? Funny you should ask. Kathy and Sarah love to hand quilt their pieces using Perle cotton number 8. Below are some examples of how we use it to advantage by highlighting aspects of the fabrics and dramatising colours. How do you go about it? It's just like traditional hand quilting, except you use Crewel embroidery needles (only good quality ones girls, the needles are made for embroidery not quilting and they'll snap if you use cheap ones), tie a one loop knot to hide your ends and take a stitch length of just less than 1/4". Not only is it quick, but Perle cotton comes in hundreds of beautiful jewel colours including verigated varities. We stock Presencia cottons in the shop, and we have a Perle cotton kit, including instructions, four 10g Perle balls in your choice of colours and Crewel needles for $25AUD. Hop to it!