Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Some help to get the sums right?

Just in from the USA is the new Quilt Design and Fabric Estimating Calculator, Quilter’s FabriCalc. As they proudly say on their website, "Use the Quilter’s FabriCalc to convert your ideas into usable dimensions – Yards, Inches or Metric measurements. It’s easy to do the math with a few simple keystrokes. They add up to fast answers to just about every quilting task. Solutions are built-in for Blocks, Squares, Diagonals, ½ and ¼ Square Triangles, Diamonds and much more."

Features include:

  • Create quilt designs using Block functions with or without Sashing; solves Diagonals
  • Find total Yardage, including Backing, Binding, Borders and Drop for any quilting project
  • Calculate the total yardage for Squares, ½ Square Triangles, ¼ Square Triangles, 45° and 60° Diamonds
  • Reverse the calculations: find the number of Squares and Diamonds that can be cut from fabric in your “stash”
  • Store fabric yardage solutions for six individual types of fabric and view total yardage required for all material
  • Use Preferences settings to select Fractional or Decimal displays, Mitered or Straight Corners and more
  • Find total costs for material
We haven't had much of a chance to really try it out yet but if it can help sort out those mind boggling fabric and block calculations, we'll give it a go! If you want your very own Fabricalc, give us a call or email us at If anyone has already used it and can give us some feedback, let us know., we'd love to know what you think.