Thursday, September 07, 2006

Swamp Thing

I've been playing with the Field Study Glimmer (otherwise known as the Swamp fabric)..... this fabric is so beautiful and the colours so soft and subtle, you can really let your imagination run wild. I really wanted to do some foundation piecing and combine it with some applique..... I don't exactly know where this is going as of yet, but it's fun working it out! It's a start anyway, stay tuned, and hurry up if you want some of this lovely line, it is selling out FAST in the shop.

Foundation pieced lily pad

Foundation pieced leaf floating in the water

Fish block, which I've always wanted to incorporate into something!

Everything thus far, still working on it!

Kathy and I are off to Terrigal outside Sydney for the Hunters Hill Quilters retreat tomorrow, we will blog you all with some photos of what we get up to on Sunday night. Have a good weekend everybody :) Sarah