Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Group 3 - The Ruler Group

The Ruler Group started coming to us recently for a little inspiration and a nice place to sew on a Wednesday afternoon. The girls have all been sewing together for a few years, and the group includes Sheena, our lovely Thursday employee in the shop. After a very quiet two hours between Group 2 and Group 3, they crunched up the driveway and it was game on again.
The Ruler Group have all been quilting for some years, and they are none of them afraid to try new tools, new fabrics or new techniques. Unlike the other groups we had a few things planned to keep these firecrackers amused, including some liberated piecing from Gwen Marston's books which Libby brought, and a whole box full of different Marti Michell rulers for them to try.
Cheryl came to Quilt camp to make a quilt for her nephew, and used the ruler class prior to Camp to pick our her fabrics. The pattern is from Kaffe Fassett's book, Quilt Road, and done in these fabrics it has a real zing to it perfect for a bloke! Cheryl was the quiet achiever in the corner, who zipped along and finished her top in no time. She even had time for a Gwen Marston dolly block and to experiment with some Marti Michell rulers, making this lovely star.

Libby brought two projects with her to Quilt Camp. First she worked on a Christmas quilt combining stars and trees for a festive throw -

and then she pieced some liberated dolly blocks to go with her previously pieced liberated shopping bags, to make Christmas Shopping!

Cath is a lady who always has something interesing in her sewing basket, and there is one stash I would like to get a look in. True to form she brought with her some gorgeous bark cloth and various other bits and pieces to make this throw-

which she had stitched up before drinks on the first day! She then moved on to this interesting little number, which she pasted onto her black design wall and promptly had us all argueing as to wether or not it needed a black background.

In between all that Cath found time to piece this little liberated stars cot quilt, a very stylish little dolly and this rather amazing wagon wheel made using a Marti Michell ruler. Phew! We're tired just watching her.

And then there was Lindsay. Lindsay kept us all in hysterics as well as in stitches for her entire stay. Every time she opened her mouth she had us all laughing - and blushing from the jokes! Somewhere along the line though Lindsay beautifully hand pieced some lovely blocks for The Carlton. Lindsay sually hand pieces all her quilts, although she surprised us recently by showing up to a ruler class with a complete, hand quilted and quite large quilt, using a ruler Kathy taught her to use only four weeks before! These girls freak us out, they are just too quick for their own good. :)

Lindsay also brought with her this stunning redwork quilt she has been working on, designed by taking the pictures from all her favourite dress patterns she has made over the years. Isn't that a great idea?

Which leads us to Sheena, who came all ready to finish the quilt she started with the very same ruler. Sheena is the vintage queen. She sells her vintage fabrics, orphan blocks and antique quilt tops at the shop, and loves to use vintage and reclaimed fabrics where others would use new. The girls all joke that Sheena's answer to every quilting dilemma is, "Just put some ric-rac over it!" . Here's the quilt she worked on over the Camp using the most beautiful vintage fabric as her main inspiration.

We had so much fun with these girls.... there was alot of laughter, alot of sewing by all, alot of eating and quite alot of drinking as well! The Ruler Group is a great addition to our MO class schedule, we love having you girls.

Libby shows off her dolly and shopping bag

Linsday shows us why hats and glasses don't mix

Linsday and Kath designing


Shots from our impromptu quilt show - Libby's Christmas quilt and Sheena's vintage Pressed Roses

Sheena's applique quilt, Cath's throw and some of Libby's bags

Carolyn's stunning stars

Sheena's quilt, Cath's blocks and Lindsay's Carlton star

Everyone at the show. Great Camp everyone! Thanks for coming :) Sarah