Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Morpeth Mach 1

Oh where to begin.... having planned for so long for the MO retreat, hereafter called Quilt Camp, I can't believe it's over. Kath, Carolyn and I set off from the shop on Friday morning at 7.30am, determined to make a quick trip to Maitland, knock off the shopping and head to the house in time for the first group to arrive. After the Maitland stop, where we bought the largest load of chicken ever seen by man and very quickly downed some much needed coffee, we loaded all the groceries and chicken on top of Carolyn in the back seat and headed off towards Duns Creek.
Top View Farm is located on top of a mountain outside of Morpeth, with fabulous views of the valley below and surrounded by bushland and paddocks. Once we unloaded the car of the food mountain, enough fabric to make quilts for a small European nation and an afterthought bag of clothes, we set about getting the room ready for the first lot of campers.
Those of you who don't know Kathy will be unaware of her passion for moving furniture, but suffice to say there was alot of furniture to be moved, so I left her to it and went to hang some quilts on the front gate so no-one could get lost. This was a great idea until we realised that all the cars that kept stopping outside the gates were not actually full of quilters, but full of locals who were having a look at the impromptu airing of the quilts!
Eventually we were ready and waiting for the first group, who happened to be my Wednesday night girls made so famous on this very blog. Stay tuned for the next installment - and give me a break, I can get at least four more blogs out of this if I eke it out! ;) Sarah