Sunday, September 24, 2006

The colour crystal ball for next season

So what are the upcoming colour trends this fall in the USA? Here they are...and as what usually happens, is that Australia follows a season behind so you can start that favourite quilt project in the colours below ready for winter 2007. Happy quilting. :)

From "Fashion Colour Trends 2007Autumn 2006 Winter 2007"
By Pauline Weston Thomas for

"As autumn 2006 settles down, colour fashion trends for fall 2006/7 reveal that warm earthen tones and natural materials gain appeal as women shop for new clothes.
The strongest colours in this palette are golds, reds and violas.
In autumn 2006 the colours for apparel are firmly in accord with nature. Traditional earthy tones with sun dried rich ochre and terracotta tones gain ground. Women's clothes the colour of pollen, honey, scorched gold, burnt earth and fox hues, meander amid a few livelier more shocking tones. Expect surprise with the jewel colours of purple and vibrant rich ruby red. Urban charcoal greys are enlivened with splashes of the brighter tones and look new because many materials have glazes.

With both greys and gold tones found in pebbles and stones so currently fashionable, either silver grey or golden metals make a good AW (Autumn Winter) 06/07 choice for jewellery or accessory trims. Golden sequins, paillettes and beads, shimmer and glimmer on fabrics that appear to look like molten gold and sheets of liquid glistening glass. Gold is one of the season's hottest looks. I'm sure you will find gold dresses and jackets in every autumn range.

For lovers of pinks good news, pink is still around, but it is either warmer becoming more coral/watermelon toned or more powdered and dustier toward heather/lilac. "