Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beautiful Music

Not quilt related I know, but I just had to share with you the picture of my eldest, Charlie, singing tonight at the Willoughby Festival of Children's Music. The choir was made up of over 300 kids from nine different public schools in the area, and together they sang twelve different arranged songs including "When She Loved Me" and "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon". I think when they sang "True Blue" there wasn't a dry eye in the house, or maybe I just thought so because my eyes were so leaky everything looked waterlogged. The kids worked so hard on this performance and were so sweet and well behaved (and in tune!), and I was just so proud. Especially of the kids from Mowbray Primary, and my Charlie (the little blondie fifth from left in the front row), but then of course I am biased. Well done kids and Mrs Sarantis.

Oh, and I may have told a fib when I said it wasn't quilt related.... the Willoughby Town Hall boasts a set of fourteen (count them, FOURTEEN) amazing quilts, all hand stitched by quilters in the area for the Australian Bicentennial in 1988. The quilts all depict different aspects of Australian history. I was all ready to photograph them for you, but in my parental pride I took so much video on my digital camera that the battery ran out and so you are all left to wonder what they're like. I promise I'll try to drop in there one day soon and photograph them for you, they really are wonderful. Sorry! Sarah