Monday, September 18, 2006

ECHINO - bless you!

No, Echino isn't a sneeze, it's a fabric! A beautiful, Japanese fabric from Etsuko Furuya.It arrived in the shop today,where it is glowing quietly from its place next to the quilt I made from the advance fabric. At $30 per metre it is a beautiful addition to your next quilt, and would make amazing bags, skirts, cushions, purses, book covers, curtains, potholders........ Shown below are the colourways we have in.

Blue Ladybugs Pink/Brown Trees and Birds Beige Birds and Spiders

Red Ladybirds Green Birds and Spiders Green and Purple Flowers

Orange Spot, Purple Spot Green Ladybirds Orange and Brown Birds

Blue and Plum Flowers Purple and Blue Ladybirds Beige and Plum Birds and Spiders

And here's the quilt I made, nice big bits for big results and maximum fabric show off-ability! If you, like us, can't live without some Echino, email or call 02 9817 2733 to order. Don't forget we mail order overseas as well as interstate, but please be aware that the fabric is a heavier weight than traditional patchwork fabric. As you can see though, that hasn't stopped me! Sarah