Sunday, September 10, 2006

What a Weekend

Well we're back... 33 Hunters Hill Quilters had a fantastic, silly, all singing all sewing weekend. The hotel in Terrigal was as usual lovely, the food was great and the company was absolutely the best there is. Nothing like a group of quilters to figure out how to get the most out of three days. Lots of work was done, producing some great starts and finishes..... here's one in progress from our friend Jan, who's been hand piecing all those little triangles -

- a pretty one by our clever accountant at MO, Kathy de Palo -

which was greatly admired by all, and of course there's always an audience when you're laying everything out and need an opinion!

Dinner the first night was very nice, two very long tables of girls awaited their dinner in the resturant, which was buffeted by one of the worst storms I've ever seen! The storm raged all weekend, but we figured it was just a good excuse to not have to go sightsee and sew instead.

Sewing Day 2 saw more stunners finished, including this little beauty from our good friend and MO employee, Sally -

Isn't that gorgeous? Love that Lotus fabric. Kath finished her black and red masterpiece which everyone thought was just beautiful -

And so did Kath. :)
We always dress for dinner on Saturday night, so the Material Obsession girls decided to go dressed as Kathy's quilt.

No, not really, but we certainly look like it don't we? For those of you who don't know us, from left is Kathy de Palo, Kath, me, and little blondie Sal on the end. This was our idea of dressing for dinner, but there were others with differing opinions.

Judith and June

The lovely Laurel

Audrey, Susie and Felicity

The patchwork angels gave out fat quarters to the girls while we had our drinks, and spent the rest of the evening poking everyone with their wing tips and having their halos tipped at increasingly rakish angles. Kath and I of course rose above all this silliness and set the stardard of decorum and elegance.

We are pictured here wearing the necklaces the girls gave us for organising the games and donating the prizes for the weekend. Aren't they nice? Thanks girls!
Of course, once the dinner party is over, the weekend is all downhill and quickly degenerates into downright silliness.

So what was I working on all this while? Well I have been busy finishing the applique on a wedding quilt for my brother and his lovely fiance, which is nearly done, and I pieced all the borders! Should be done by the end of the week, I'll let you know. Sarah

PS. A final word of thanks to our special, wonderful friend Judith, who as usual made the weekend hilarious, happy and a whole lot of fun. wE LOVE YOU jUDE !! xxxxx