Monday, November 06, 2006

Baby Quilts Galore

This month's issue of APQ contains not one, but two MO baby quilts for you to whip up for thelittle people in your life. Cowboy Baby, Kath's little western number (below) has been so popular that we have already sold out of the blue fabric it's made from, and we can only do it for you in green. I tell you this not as a har-de-har-de har-har piece of info, but to let you know that in green it is just as cute and has the added bonus of being still available!

Oh! Olivia, is quick and easy quilt in black and red just perfect for a newborns. I realised that I am really still a child when I begged Kath for the chance to make a quilt "with the piggy fabric". Oh well, at least I know what I am.....

Both these darling kits are available now from MO, and contain all the fabric for the top, the binding and the pattern. AND a Material Obsession quilt label, which I know you are all just hanging out for. To order, you can email , and if you quote the code blogd1, you can get 10% off the original price, a special deal just for all our beautiful blog readers. Good luck with your Melbourne Cup bets for tomorrow.... love that first Tuesday in November! :) Sarah