Friday, October 27, 2006

KDP Strikes Again

Just sharing with you yet another masterpiece from our talented and very prolific accountant, Kathie de Palo. She just keeps whipping them out, and the quilt below is one of her best I think. She made it in a workshop with Leesa Seigle in Coffs Harbour. We really have to put hobbles on that girl, she is too clever for her own good!
And while we're still blowing our own trumpets, check out the cover of Down Under Quilts this month, featuring our very own Carolyn Davis' very very popular quilt Tokyo Rose. I think Kath and I might retire and just let these girls drive the train. Then I might read a book, or go to a movie, or sleep..... aaah, who am I kidding.... watch out in dark alleys KDP, we're comin' to getcha!