Thursday, October 26, 2006

Creative Kudos

Reading my favourite blogs today, I came across these great thoughts from the Yarn Harlot. I often wonder at the same feelings from girls who come in the shop. Frequently people don't bring their quilts in to show us because they're "too embarassed", or run their own achievements down by saying someone else picked all the fabric, or that all their points don't match. I have one thing to say to all you girls out there - sing your own praises! Quilters, knitters, whatever you are - the process of creating something with your own hands is an age old and time consuming thing, and in this day and age of rushing and bustling along with your life, spending time on something creative and something which requires concentration and dedication is to be celebrated. So next time someone says to you, "Did you make that? You're so clever!" don't hide your light under a bushel... say "Yes, I did make that, yes I am extremely clever - tell me again!" Oh, and you might want to have all your door frames enlarged to fit your head. :) Sarah

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