Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hello Horsey

Isn't he cute? Anyway he thought my quilt was very nice and tried to take a mouthful, so I had to go and rescue it pretty smartly, there's quite a few hours of applique in there! These are the quilt tops I worked on in Morpeth. Above is the Dresden plate quilt I've been working on for a while, and below is the developments on the Field Study Glimmer quilt, which now has a working title of "The Wisdom of Frogs" thanks to Lindsay from the Ruler Group!

This one is my brother Dave's wedding quilt, which has been in the works for ages but is finally done and off being machine quilted by the wonderful Kim Bradley. I have to say I'm really pleased with it, and it's very "them" so I know they're going to love it. The wedding is in December, so I've got a while to get it back and bind it!

And finally, this quilt is made using seven antique Circling Swallows blocks that I bought from Sheena's business, Ric Rac, which operates out of Material Obsession at the moment! I set the blocks on point using American Folk Art fabric, and a smashing pink and cream spot I've been hording in the stash for just such an occasion. I love using antique blocks, I can't wait to quilt it.

So that's what kept me busy in Morpeth! Patterns will most certainly follow, they always do.... and look out for the Dresden quilt in a later issue of Down Under Quilts. Sarah :)