Monday, October 16, 2006

The Crispy Quilters

Yes, after seven days, we had to do some washing. At least the setting was picturesque..... and we had a few hours in between the Ruler Group and the last group arriving. A few quiet stitches later they arrived, first Christine and Deidre, from Brisbane, and their friend Lisa, and Nicole from Newcastle. Considering we had never met the girls before, we were soon all chatting away over a coffee and Krispy Creme kindly brought by Christine, and before they knew it all the girls were unpacking and getting ready to sew.
Did I say unpacking? These girls from Brisbane win the "she who dies with the most equipment wins" competition, hands down. Kath and I were boggled by the extremely comprehensive collection of gadgets, lights and irons that came out of bags, not to mention the absolutely stunning array of applique quilts in progress. All three Brisbane girls have a passion for applique quilts, and they certainly have made some lovely ones.
All three had come to do versions of our Fanciful Flowers quilt, which was quite a compliment considering the level of their applique! However, like most of our quilts, Fanciful Flowers ain't your usual little flowers and baskets, so the girls were challenged by the bold shapes and colours.

Lisa's Fanciful Flowers

Christine's Fanciful Flowers

Denise's Fanciful Flowers

Nicole is a beginner quilter, although we use that term loosely! She has never made a quilt before, but she has done alot of other sewing, and it has certainly inspired her to great things. She designed this butterfly quilt herself for her daughter, picked her fabrics and set about teaching herself to foundation piece. Not a bad little start for a"beginner" is it?

Once again we had a great time with this group of girls.... it was lovely to meet some new people, see some new quilts, learn a few new things ourselves! When we sat down to eat dinner on Saturday night, I do have to say though that I was looking forward to dinner with my kids the next night. Quilt Camp was great fun, but exhausting for the teachers! Unbeknownst to all of you in blog land, Kathy, Carolyn and I spent the week sleeping in a shed out the back with a tractor next door and all three of our melodic snores blending in the night..... good thing we all get along so well or there could have been all sorts of trouble. I have to say that there are very few people in the world who could spend ten days eating, sleeping and working together non stop, without a cross word to be had, and I love you guys! xx

I leave you all with a photo of our resident kangaroo eating the front lawn for all you overseas viewers.... and a very random shot of Carolyn sewing the skin back onto a sweet potato, for which I have no explanation :) Happy quilting and that's all of Quilt Camp until next year. Thanks so much to everyone who came and we're looking forward to the next one. Sarah