Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Clever Kath

Well would you look what I found.... while we were working hard at Quilt Camp, we also found some time to sew! Believe it or not Kathy finished two tops and started two other projects, and I finished two tops and started two more, which I'll post tomorrow night. For now, I thought I would share with you the brilliance that is my business partner..... Kath whipped up this one, made predominately from Anna Marie Horner's Bohemia range.
She has been wanting to do a Carolina Lily block for ages, and this is her take on it. Don't you love the way the flowers in the border look like they're growing out of a vine? It amazes me how Kath always manages to take something you have seen a million times like a Carolina Lily, or the Cross block below, and make it look new and different.

This black and red Cross quilt Kath is making for her son, Noah. I really like the way the black and greys form the 3D effect around the Civil War "bandanna" fabric in the centre blocks.
This is an applique quilt Kath's working on. I love those little birdies perching in the middle of the block. You should see what esle she's got planned for this quilt! It's going to look great. We'll keep you updated on the progress of these quilts in coming months, as well a a few others Kath's got up her bottomless sleeve! Sarah :)