Friday, October 20, 2006

The Ruler Group Strikes Again

Ruler Group today... it was Cath and Cheryl's birthdays so we all had wonderful hazelnut and chocolate cake made by Lindsay, yum yum! AND it had sour cream and brown sugar on top. Must have these girls in more often.
They arrived just after the most delicious shipment of Lecien spots and stripes, which I will photograph and post for you on Monday, if they survive the weekend! I was tempted to take the lot home and drape my living room in them, but the thought of the kids walking all over it was too much to bear. Besides that I do have rather alot of fabric already, so there may have been some resistance from several parties. Such is life.
Back to the subject at hand, the newly named Cut Loose Quilters have been very busy as usual and we have a few photos to share. One is Libby's finished Christmas quilt, which she started at Quilt Camp, shown below being held up by our lovely model Sheena. Libby wasn't at the group today, but her quilt made a guest appearance, so we take this opportunity to say, "Well done Libby, it looks lovely!"

This one is Lindsay's finished Carlton quilt, completely hand pieced and hand quilted! Another Quilt Camp production. Lindsay used some interesting red and cream upholstery fabrics and big print florals for her stars. Shown below is Kath's original Carlton so you can compare the pair. Modelled in glittering style by the spectacular but rather pensive Kathy, and Lindsay herself.
A good day was had by all... looking forward to a quiet weekend and maybe some hand sewing of my Sue Spargo amongst the lavender in the front garden. Have a good one :) Sarah