Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Festive Aprons

If you're thinking about Christmas craft and what to fill all those little stockings with, try these on for size. These two beautiful aprons are shown modelled by my devine Oscar, who is seven, and not at all concerned by the fact that he is wearing an apron.

By contrast, my husband is not quite as happy about wearing an apron, especially knowing that is photo will be seen by other people.

All that aside, I made both the aprons using Christmas fabrics from the shop. I made three little aprons, one for the shop and two for my little nieces for Christmas, along with some cute shaped cookie cutters and a tiny little wooden rolling pin. The kids size aprons use half a metre of fabric, and took only about 30mins to make, including the bias for the apron strings.

Bearing in mind that the aprons still fit Oscar at seven, and I made them for three year olds, they should last a while. Best of all they were quick, inexpensive and easy to construct! The fabric comes in four different designs and is $24 per metre, and the big green spot is from Yuwa and is $28 per metre. :) Sarah