Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday, Crowded Sunday!

Mayhem in the shop on a Sunday? Yes, we had a visit...a busload of quilters from the Novacastrian Quilters in Newcastle went touring today and we were on their list for a stopover. We have such a lot of fun having groups in! Not only is it a chance for quilters to buy some great fabrics but we get a chance to meet new quilters, swap stories, see people's projects and give our help - where we can. If you'd like to organise a group trip to our shop, please organise in advance to ensure that we have enough staff on board to make your visit as fun and helpful as possible - especially if there are 50 of you like the group today, who organised their visit around lunch time to take advantage of the lovely cafe across the road. Sorry to those international visitors who can't just drop in - but if you are ever in Australia, we sure would love to see you. Email or calls us so we can help.