Monday, November 20, 2006

Round Robin Stage 2

Round Robin Navajo Indian style...this photo of my freshly assembled round robin quilt top (and my loyal doggy Duke)was taken a few days back when it was freezing cold and very gray! Today the clothes the same clothes line has laundry on it drying in seconds in the super hot heat of the later afternoon. Anyway, you have all seen Sarah's gorgeous redwork bits that have fit magically together into a nearly done snappy little project. Mine is now together but resting at the bottom of a pile of quilts to be quilted...five huge projects.
However, we also got lucky when a bit of Freshcut fell into our hands. Freshcut is the appropriately named line from Heather Bailey full of divine florals and fresh new colors. Instead of quilting all weekend I spent what was left of Sunday afternoon working on yet another quilt to add to the stack only this one is freshly cut fresh offcuts.... looking forward to some time off over the holidays to move some of these to the finished pile.
ps...finally got to do something with the Nifty Notions Wedge Ruler and what fun it was! kathy