Friday, June 30, 2006

Blogging in the USA

The blog today takes you to the USA. We are guest bloggers for Quilters Buzz , giving our thoughts on the recent Sydney show, so click through and have a look. We will be blogged over two days. Quilters Buzz is a great site to get more quilting inspiration from the other side of the world, we often check it out to see what's going on.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Fabulous Fabrics Just In

Another fun day at Material Obsession with a new fabric delivery just in. It is just like opening a box of mystery chocolates - you never know what's inside but it's all delicious. This latest lot includes: brand new 1930's - excellent graphic prints and very different florals (pic 1 and 2) , fabulous new Civil War repros with a funky twist from Wyndam Fabrics (pic 3), a great range of black, cream and red that are really different from any we've had before (pic 4), and lovely subtle and soft blue and whites for an antique feeling (pic 5). Prices range from AUS$24 to AUS$26.50 per metre. Get planning! Come on in, give us a call or email your mail orders.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Long Yarn Between Quilts

At the Sydney Quilt Show, Sarah and Kathy came across a colourful range of hand dyed wools from an Australian company called Kaalund Yarns - as they say "inspired by the diverse Australian landscape, Kaalund Yarns brings to life yarn for the discerning hand knitter, embroiderer, and textile artist. Silk and wool in plain and fancy spins are the chosen yarns for the year. Hand dyed in Australia in 25 colours that range from the reds of the desert, the greens of the eucalypt to the blues of the sea, a full colour spectrum is available". Sarah was so inspired by the colours she knitted a new scarf from their "Nimbus" wool (while she was taking a break from quilting). Here is the scarf modelled by the beautiful Madam, shown here very comfortable in her bed with her own special quilt to keep her warm. Sarah is also itching to try out the 100% cultivated silk thread she bought (the "Enchante" range) to hand quilt with. Have a look at the Rainforest colourway...yum, yum. Back to the rotary board.....

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rules for Rulers

Kathy recently attended a workshop with Marti Michell, notable for many things quilty but most famously for being the first person to put the concept of rotary cutters and perspex rulers together. Since she made this great discovery, Marti has over the years developed her own range of perspex rulers of every shape and size for just about every quilt block you can imagine. Kath found her workshop very inspiring and informative, expecially because Kath herself is a big user of all rulers great and small. We stock both a range of Marti's rulers and some Creative Grids rulers in the shop, and we absolutely swear by the method for quickly getting amazingly accurate triangles, diamonds etc by rotary. Shown above are Creative Grids half square triangle ruler, 60 degree triangle ruler, and below a few of our kits and patterns made using rulers, from half square to 60 degree to kaleidoscope. Look out for information about Kathy's new workshops on using rulers in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Inspiration from the Sydney show

Well the Sydney Show has finally finished, and what a time we had. There was so much to see and do. When we had a short break at the stall, we were able to tour around and see all the wonderful quilts being displayed. There were over 300 on display in the Guild area, with over 90 new entrants - a record number. The Japanese exhibition was simply AMAZING, if the show is coming to your state we highly recommend you go just to see these wonderful works of art.
It really shows that quilting is alive and well Down Under. The Quilting Guild of NSW has displayed all the winning quilts in their website. You can view them all at
We also picked out some other quilts we loved for you to see. Have a look at these for a showcase of talent.
Look out for future blogs for further show specials, and for everyone who's been asking, the retreat details will be posted SOON!! ...happy quilting.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Put your feet up and have a glass of wine. You deserve it.

For all those people who have been trudging the halls of the Sydney Quilt Fair. Tonight, sit back, put your feet up and have a glass of wine. You deserve it. We have watched you all walk back and forth, round and round all day, at the largest fair in the southern hemisphere - hopefully you have left inspired with great new projects. If you haven't gone yet, there are still two days to go. There has been so much to see and do. Well, we have put a little show on for you. All the way from Cairo and Brazil - here are there latest fashions. Some inspirational colours, fabrics and designs. (And for all those you can't make Sydney, hold tight, we will have a wrap up at the end of the show.) Happy quilting!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Doughty Boys on Fire

Yesterday was the official opening of the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair, and what a busy day it was. Kathy and Sarah started the day at the official show opening, at which the show was opened by Judy Hooworth, speeches were given and prizes were awarded. Material Obsession awarded two prizes in the Junior Member (13 to 18 years old) section, but our most exciting news was that not only did Kathy's two boys, Sam (age 10) and Noah (age 12) piece their own quilts to enter AND hand quilt them (!!), but Sam also won second prize in the Junior Member (up to 12 years old) section. As you can imagine, his quite teary mother was very proud, and Sarah will admit to having a few blurry moments of her own. Congratulations to both Sam and Noah on having the dedication and patience to complete their quilts so beautifully... we look forward to the next ones.
Pictured is Sam and his quilt, "Sam I Am". (plus some more great shots of our stall at the show courtesy of John Doughty, Kathy's husband)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Let the Show Begin

We've been working hard all day setting up the stall, decorating the walls, prettying up the kits, stacking the fabrics. So now all that's left is for all of you to descend upon us tomorrow morning! We think the stall looks great, but then we are a little bit biased :) Look out for news on winning quilts tomorrow night. And now, sleep tight and tommorow - let the show begin!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Field Study Fabrics

While we're working hard at Darling Harbour you can all think about your next project in this fabulous fabric... we both will be! When we arrive back in the shop from the Fair the new Field Study Glimmer fabrics from Free Spirit will be waiting for us. This amazing line is about as different as we've seen, and is sure to inspire some beautiful quilts, bags, skirts, cushions..... this fabric is good for just about anything, so get your thinking caps on and dream about what you'll use it for. We love those hexagons and fishes the best, there's a quilt waiting in there for sure!